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JETSETTERSBLOG.COM covers worldwide concerts and events, such as: Barbados Jazz Festival, Toronto Jazz Festival, Kona Classic, Las Vegas City of Lights Jazz Festival, Playboy Jazz Festival, Caribbean Carnivals, yachting regattas, major motorsports events, scuba diving and surfing concerts, worldwide symphonies, rock and pop concerts, blues and cajun festivals, and much more. demographics: We cover all types of music, from alternative (typically an audience under 26 years ol) to jazz (typically an audience over 35 years old) to big band sounds (seniors) to everything in between. Our most visited sections are rock and blues, but we also feature music cruises, too.


Who is best to advertise in Webbandstand?  Bands, Record Labels, Talent Scouts, Talent Agencies, PR companies, Promoters, Venues, Production Houses, Models, Acotrs, DJs, Radio Stations, Comedians, Movie Studios, audio studios, Talk Show Hosts, Entertainment Bookers.


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General Description:


Unaccepted material: pornographic, hate related messages; religious;

political or dogmatic material whatsoever. No MLM programs, or opt-in email programs unless approved by publisher. No email disguised as a third party or non existent email addresses, or forwarded to a third party address.


General Banner info: Banner ads run at the top and bottom of each page or within the featured stories of Jetsetters Magazine or within a booking engine, such as hotels of that section.






Large Banner Ad: Up to 468 pixels wide by 560 pixels deep/ or reverse



Small Banner Ad: Up to 468 pixels wide x 60 pixels deep/ or reverse



Button Ad: Up to 120 pixels wide by 90 pixels deep/ or reverse proportion.


Tile Ad: 125 pixel x 125 pixels or 120 pixels x 60 pixels.


Micro Button Ad: 88 pixels x 31 pixels.


Banner File Size: 40k maximum with less than 3 rotations.


Graphic Formats Accepted: GIFs, JPEGs, PNG, Flash, Enliven, Java,

JavaScript - (Where appropriate include accompanying html or low resolution alternative.).


URL Information - Provide web address for linking banner ads.

Alternate Text - Provide alternate text for banner ads. This is the text that is seen when a mouse curses over a banner graphic.





A hotlink can be created from any of our databases to/from your button, banner, photo, or ad piece. It can include java script, video streaming or flip banners.


A link can be established from any of our websites (the rate is the same for all sites, ask for a combo package - see below) to your business listing from a hot linked ad.


We can accept your graphical banner ad (each under 40K file size) and will place those banners in our inventory of banners for use in your targeted area of our website(s). You are guaranteed to have placement of at least one of your banners at any given time throughout your state ad timeline.


Specific page placement can be accepted at no additional charge. We reserve the right to place your banner ad(s) on any page within the section you select, or within the booking engines of, such

as hotels, car rentals, airfares, etc.



Linking Banner Rates:

First Time Set-up Fee - $500

Change Fee - $250 per change

5-10 banners: $1,500 annually (Can be placed on one site or mixed across the sites for all the rates.)

11-30 banners: $2,800 annually

31-50 banners: $4,250 annual

51 or more banners: please call. 702/866-9480 or email

Rotating Banners: add $200 per banner unit.





You will receive all features that you choose that are listed in Basic Banner Service above, plus a “featured” listing, advertorial or editorial story or link in and Jetsetters Magazine's newsletter, or within travel destination articles appropriate to YOUR property, product, destination, tour, specialty activity or geographical region, and most applicable to your type of service or business.


Editorial copy works to sell your products in an informational format.


You can contract for additional banners within the advertorial or editorial pages of Jetsetters Magazine,,, or and your banners or ads are keyword indexed and meta-tagged for the search engines.


You receive a minimum guaranteed one (1) banner ad placement within the Jetsetters Magazine feature story for as many feature stories that you contract, and banners can be transferred each month to a different Jetsetters Magazine feature article for an additional $100 per feature.


We can write and create and produce a compelling advertorial listed in Jetsetters Magazine archives for one year, and searchable by the search engines. The article will have it’s own unique URL for search engine indexing purposes.


You can pick geographical regions for your banner ad in our feature stories or advertorial, such as the Caribbean, or specific areas in a region, such as Jamaica.





Contact us at 702/236-7178 for details, or email us at


We can create an entire streaming audio advertising program, or a complete end-to-end radio program or series, including talent, editing, scripting, direct marketing, and placement and consultation.


Audio streaming ads can be placed anywhere on our databases where a banner ad can be located. Ask about special advertising package campaign utilizing text, advertorials, video and audio.


We can create an entire streaming video advertising program, or a complete end-to-end television program or series, including talent, editing, shooting, locations, scripting, dubbing, direct marketing, and placement and consultation.




Ads and Rates - We offer a full range of promotional services for your business, and not just for the travel and hospitality industry. Promotional services provide high quality, targeted advertising for your business.


We can create a complete advertising campaign combination, online and offline, including print, video, audio, marketing and public relations, and web promotions.


Consulting includes: media, public relations, web marketing, publishing, reservations, building customer loyalty programs, newsletter designs, web traffic driving, and print design, and banner design, radio programming and hosting. We can script your video message or television or radio ads. We can shoot and edit your videos, write your screenplay, or your business and marketing plans..


Initial consultation by phone or in person start at $55 per hour, $500 minimum, plus travel expenses. Rates for video and audio services and special ad promos will be discussed during the consultation meeting. Call: 702/866-9480, or for details, email



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